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Movie Time!

The classic silent movie Greed (1924), directed by Erich von Stroheim, was a landmark in film realism. Appearing in the scene, from left to right, are actors Zazu Pitts, Gibson Gowland, and Hughie Mack. Motion pictures Photograph, retrieved July 13, 2008, from Britannica Student Encyclopedia.

I don’t think we’ve been to the movies since Shrek the Third. I know what you are thinking – no wonder you lost faith in the movies. But it was *NOT* Shrek that did it. It’s funny I find movie and entertainment industry news much more interesting than the movies themselves lately. DVDs, what’s that? Our idea of renting movies is letting them sit on top of our component rack until Blockbuster releases the hounds on us. And not to brag but like many (obnoxious) Americans we’ve got a rather killer setup. What I think it is, is that the Hollywood Hype machine has left me a disappointed, broken man. Over promise, under deliver on almost every single movie I’ve seen over the past 2 years or more. But today is different, for you see I love PIXAR – everything they do and everything they represent. Which is why, rather than wait to be utterly blown away by a PIXAR DVD we’re gonna go be blown away by PIXAR on a silver screen. Wall-E, here we come and I can’t wait! –SPC