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Home Sick

Not homesick because I’m still on vacation, but literally home sick today for the second day. Totally feeling shitty and green around the gills as they say. not sure if it’s the flu but something has me good. Achey, tired, sneezy, fever, chills, da woiks.

Vacation was totally awesome but it sux coming back home only to get sick. There were a few folks in the office sick last week but I was around so many strangers the past few weeks there’s no real telling where I picked it up. So I’m taking a little time while I’m home to catch up on Heroes, caught “CRUMB” on my DVR, countless podcasts and get the next set of comics lined up. Watch for the next new webcomic update tomorrow – woot! I wish I had more energy, aside from taking out the trash and watering some plants I’ve really done nothing constructive on the house, at all. I simply can’t, I’m so achy. Oh well it’s fall and getting nice out… plenty of time for outdoor activities.

Now it’s time to reaffirm myself to our comics and get crackalacking on our new material. Hopefully gonna be very productive comics-wise the next few months! I got “the fever” all over again, pun intended. –SPC \m/