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MegaCon, NightGig & The Gigcast News: 2/27/09

NightGig Studios is spending the weekend at MegaCon in Orlando, Florida! If you are in the area or heading there on purpose please be sure to visit them at their tables. They have been kind enough to offer up a little table space for some of our Stick Shift minicomics as shown in an earlier update. I hope they don’t mind my stealing a map off their website that shows where their tables are located within the convention floor. Be sure to stop by their tables, buy everything they are selling and grab a free Stick Shift minicomic from yours truly, Cook Bros. Comics!


Brown Section

* KC Green ( Table #7b
* Brian Gibson ( Stoopitz ) Table #8b
* Scott (MadScott) Table #9a
* Karl Kuras (Drawnsword) Table 9b

Purple Section:

* JT (Nightgig Studios and The Gigcast) Table #17
* Mark Mekkas (Zortic) Table #18
* Nick Nitro (Dribble for kids) Table #9