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Random Update, 6/1/10

Well, I can tell you upfront we will not have 3 comics this week so this is more of a random post. It was my birthday over the weekend and the Memorial Day holiday as well so we pretty much stayed busy doing a little of this and a LOT of that all 3 days. Yep I was a slacker. Casey on the other hand hit me with 3 KILLER scripts yesterday so I could have made it happen if I wasn’t so busy dropping the ball. But, since I DO have a piece of art I’d like Casey to see, I’ll post the office birthday card envelope I got on Friday, customized by none other than my good friend Chris, my partner in crime when it comes to Three’s Killing Me. He killed me with his personal take on FUD, our semi-regular slice of life character from our CBC strips. So check it out and look for the next webcomic update either Wednesday or Thursday. –Shawn