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We’ve done it again, welcome to Cook Bros. Comics version we don’t know!  It’s time we go back to the basics and give this another go. Rather than pay a bunch of money for hosting beyond our needs we are moving back over here to WordPress.  It’s been almost exactly 2 years since we last posted here and in that time we have a few more comics and random skecthes we had been posting on our hosted site. Since most of those comics remain relatively unseen (other than by us and… us?) we are going to kick it off here by posting those old comics in the order they were posted. We can use that borrowed time to figure out a new look for this blog and start crafting all new comics to be posted some time down the road!  Yes it’s totally cheating. But ya know what? We’re not gonna let it bother us so it shouldn’t bother you. If you like what you see please drop us a line. Even though we haven’t been crazily creating comics the past few months we are pretty charged up to try some new stuff here. So make sure to check in from time to time and have a laugh or two on us!




About Cook Bros. Comics

We're two brothers making comics!

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