Buy This T-Shirt and Save Music!

Slammin’ For Support!

Real Punk Radio is holding their 1st ever Radiothon, dubbed “Slamin’ For Support”, for 72 action-packed hours beginning Wednesday, August 4th at 7:00am, EDT and lasting until Saturday, August 7th at 7:00am, EDT. Cook Bros. Comics is proud to donate the art for their event promo t-shirt, drawn by none other than me, Shawn Cook!! In fact, the RPR station has been receiving all sorts of great swag from record companies, bands, DJs, Podcasters and the like, for give-a-ways during this Punk Rock broadcasting event extravaganza!

You can straight up buy the t-shirt or make a donation, it’s doesn’t matter how big or how small, every donation helps keep DIY radio alive! Every donation will receive a free gift, the bigger the donation the better the gift! We’re talking vinyl, CDs, shirts, patches you name it! All of the Real Punk DJs will be there for this massive 72 hour live show. I’m pretty sure you can even get a tax deduction for your donation!

This Radiothon is gonna be a blast! Tune in any time or the whole time for all the great DJs as they all take a turn at the wheel Slammin’ For Support, and consider donating to the Real Punk Radio station so they can keep blasting the tunes and the funny, so WE can all stay the eff awake in our cubicles!

–Shawn \m/


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