Webcomic Update: Stick Shift, 2/20/09

MINICOMICS! Yes, that’s right we unfortunately don’t have a webcomic this week because I spent all my spare time making Stick Shift minicomics this week for Megacon. Fear not, I realize it’s been 2 weeks since a new Stick Shift page was posted but we do have the next installment’s script ready for pencils and oh man it’s a winner! I mean seriously, blew me away when I got it from Casey. And of course there’s always our Blast Asteroid comics on Wednesdays and you can check out our complete archives if you are new.

Don’t hate us, we know lack of updates can be a deathblow to a webcomic. After MegaCon we’ll be back on track and have brand new minicomics to offer on top of it! For stopping by, here’s a teaser of the Stick Shift minicomic cover. Hmm – looks familiar perhaps a little like our top header… we must be trying to come up with a consistent theme or something. 😉 Thanks for checking in. –SPC \m/



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