Webcomic Update: Stick Shift, 1/30/09

Quick hit on a lunch break. We’re sticking with our new page every two weeks schedule but I had to share these character comps I’m working on for next week’s webcomic update. These are a few of the racers Stick Shift will be competing against when running ARLAR (American Racing League of American Racing) events. Man, that name cracks me up. Anyway, hope you enjoy and look for a new full page of Stick Shift the Webcomic update next Friday! –SPC \m/




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We're two brothers making comics!

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  1. Cool sketches. Let me know if you get any inspiration after browsing my prose webcomic Zephyr: wereviking.wordpress.com

  2. Wow – thanks very much! I need to post more sketches, I guess! 😮 I bookmarked your site so I can come back to it. I think it’s very cool to see a unique take with online story telling. Zephyr is definitely starting off with a bang and I will definitely poke away and read it through.

  3. I love your sketches! my comics art is much worse 😦 I need to learn to draw (or use anything other than ms paint!)

  4. I totally appreciate the kind words! Well, your comics are pretty funny. Would you believe I find it more difficult to draw in your style? Stick Shift was originally intended to be a stick figure comic and I couldn’t figure out how to do it.

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