Webcomic Update: Blast Asteroid, 1/7/09

Happy Hew Year! Yeah, I know, that was last week. But, this week’s classic Blast Asteroid Webcomic is here! Blast Asteroid in Red Alert! Just so you know I have inks wrapped up on the next Stick Shift the Webcomic. I’ll work on colors and letters through Thursday and I’m looking forward to making a Friday update. Come on back by if ya feel like it! –SPC \m/






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  2. lol – What’s up buddy?! Kewl – glad ya stopped by. \m/

  3. What the hell???? This comic is ROACHIST! I can’t believe we’re homies at Webcomics Inc! Ha, cool stuff, man! Peace!

  4. Awe man – that is hilarious!! Well, he didn’t shoot first, or did he? Let’s ask Mr. Lucas. Thanks for the comment Terence, it makes it all worthwhile when you know someone cool has stopped by.

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