Webcomic Update: Stick Shift, 12/12/08

Whut the – another Stick Shift Webcomic? Already? But it’s only been a week! Yeah we managed to bust a move on this update. We’re really starting to get into the swing of things and figured now would be a great chance to start explaining a little bit about why Stick Shift races, how the league came about and maybe a little more. Hope the oversized page doesn’t kill your bandwidth, but you can blame us if you don’t have at least DSL. Have a day! –SPC \m/


Stick Shift the Webcomic: Chapter 1-8


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We're two brothers making comics!

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  1. Fill’er Up…lol. I know a guy who looks just like that.

    Well done.

  2. Yeah this was fun! The repeat pics make it even funnier for us. Hey it was good enough for Scooby Doo!

  3. Holy crap…I honestly didn’t even notice you repeated?

    Mission accomplished.

  4. Dude that’s awesome. After some home issues I got behind with the next update, in fact all things webcomics. But with some extra time the next week I hope to have the next update ready for next Friday. It’s looking like two full pages in one update. 🙂

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