Webcomic Update: Stick Shift, 12/5/08

Happy Friday and here’s your Stick Shift the Webcomic update! Looks like Stick, Boltz and his trusty cat, Cat have joined the race and on their way! Let’s look in and see what’s up.


Stick Shift the Webcomic: Chapter 1-7


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  1. Very cool and stylish. The only part I got a little mixed up in was the second to last panel’s word bubble placement. But I figured it out after a re-read. I like this story.

  2. Thanks Mike! Boy it feels good to hear positive feedback like this. Yeah, you nailed it I did struggle with the bubbles on on that panel and do agree. I think I need to start laying in my bubbles first like a lot of folks seem to do. Listening to a Sequalab podcast a few weeks ago I heard Jeremy Mullins talking about how the art needs to cater to the text and story and not the other way around. I do fall victim to not wanting to cover up my art. When I thumb it out I try and see where bubbles “may” fit but don’t actually set them and draw around them. But dude, I do appreciate the kindness. Note: I need to figure out a way to surf at work so I can reply more quickly. Maybe lunches will be okay.

  3. This may seem ass-backwards but I tend to draw my art around my text layout. I’ve always subscribed to the theory that the art supports the story but I know plenty of artists who will say I’m full of it. LOL

  4. You are definitely not alone in your thinking. Our next update is chock full of talk so I will try this approach when I lay it out.

  5. Hah – thanks Jarrett! Maybe one of these days I’ll get ’em even but hey work in progress right?

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