Webcomic Update: Stick Shift, 11/21/08

Friday’s webcomic is a flip flop from Wednesday. This latest Stick Shift took me so much longer than I thought, so instead of a classic Blast Asteroid, I give you a brand new Stick Shift! A behind schedule bonus? Is that possible? It is today, it’s Friday!! Woot! Hey, if we were GM, Ford or Chrysler execs we’d get our bonus no matter what, right? I love making an update and for me, it’s not only Friday, it’s free pizza friday at work, ’cause we’re having a little pizza party today – woohoo! Have a day! –SPC \m/

Chapter 1-6

Stick Shift the Webcomic: Chapter 1-6


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We're two brothers making comics!

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  1. This one is quite epic. Nicely done, sir!

  2. Well thank you very much Mr. Mike! What an awesome way to end a Monday is to get home and see a comment waiting for us from you! Pinkerton rocks like none other man. too… kewl… Thanks again!

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