Webcomic Update: Blast Asteroid, 11/7/08

What a week. One for the history books indeed. I feel good, real good and frankly I’m proud to be an American with the overwhelming clear and concise statement that was made this past Tuesday. I’m glad to finally be a part of the majority again (I knew I was, we just didn’t have the proof) and I’ll leave it at that. As for history, lets climb in to the wayback machine and enjoy a classic Blast Asteroid comic.

A Cam Adventure

Blast Asteroid in: A Cam Adventure

I’ve got the next Stick Shift thumbnailed and pencils started. Hoping to scan and ink over the weekend but we’ll see how it goes. This next Stick Shift is going to be a fun one with lots of stuff to draw so it’s taking me just a little bit longer to pencil. I usually don’t thumbnail quite this much, instead diving right into my pencil roughs and carving the paper with sketches until I am happy with the look. However, after listening to a bunch of SEQAlab podcasts I’m realizing that a little more effort goes a long way when it comes to interesting and effective page layout. We’ll see how it goes but I must say the thumbnails have been a huge help figuring out the final layout. Have a day! –SPC


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