Webcomics Update: Stick Shift, 10/15/08

Hey folks, here is a Wednesday webcomic update for you that’s a little different from past Stick Shift updates. Up till now our story has focused on 3-4 main characters but we have many others waiting in the wings for as the story progresses. So today I figured I could share a few character studies as an update. Eventually I’ll probably ink these pencils and add them to the main Stick Shift page to keep them within easy reach for new readers. Thanks for visiting and have a day! –SPC \m/

Professor Leadfoot

Professor Leadfoot: Doc Brown (from Back To The Future) type of a character, gives Stick Shift the edge in the races, won’t talk about his secret past. Professor Leadfoot loves pushing technology as far as he can, which is pretty far. Probably the smartest man in Lost Wages, he’s an inventor who never thinks it can’t be done. Much older than he looks, Professor Leadfoot has a a secret past that no one knows much about, save for Stick Shift, who himself doesn’t know all that much. Everyone wants the Professor on their team but he’s dedicated to Stick. Stick Shift’s mechanic, Boltz Bolzinger, is Leadfoot’s one and only protege for reasons yet to be shown.

Tank Taggart

Tank Taggart

Tank Taggart: Crime boss body guard – number one, has a thing for Cherrie Cougar (casino kingpin Maximillain Munroe’s mistress), hates Stick Shift. Tank is a big hulking dude and he’s Maximillain’s “go to” guy for just about anything. Tank may be a muscle-head but he’s also a smart guy with a soft spot for Cherrie. He can’t stand Stick Shift for many reasons, but the one thing that drives him truly nuts is Cherrie’s crush on Stick Shift. Tank will do whatever it takes for Max and I mean anything. He’s a dangerous man and a major threat to Stick. Possibly the only thing keeping him in check is how well Cherrie has him wrapped around her finger. He hopes to one day be able to score big and run away with Cherrie. Will that ever happen? Maybe we’ll find out some day. Note: We’ve already seen Tank in Stick Shift Chapter 1, page 3.

Cherrie Cougar

Cherrie Cougar

Cherrie Cougar: Cherrie is crime boss Maximillain Munroe’s mistress but she has a thing For Merc “Stick Shift” McGurk. She’s smart, sexy and strong, using all those assets and more to get what she wants and where she wants to be. Cherrie made her first big splash during the short-lived relaunch of television’s G.L.O.W (Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling – Google it) when she killed seven competitors during a 9 woman battle royale steel cage baby oil match for charity. Something about the mix of baby oil and blood got Maxmillain’s heart pumping (but that is for a whole ‘nother discussion) and Max had her brought directly to him. This was after, of course, a tidy sum was paid to the authorities as well as the G.L.O.W. investors. Just about everyone in Lost Wages has a crush on Cherrie in some way but they are also scared of her. Cherrie rocks and will be a major player in out telling of Stick Shift, the Racing Webcomic! Note: We’ve already seen Cherrie the the Stick Shift Prologue, Page 4.

Madame Marauder

Madame Marauder

Madame Marauder: Another crime boss and high-stakes gambler. She made the bulk of her money swindling rich oil tycoons and beating the snot out of anyone dumb enough to play Texas Hold ‘Em with her. She very rich and very powerful because of it. With a soft spot for Merc “Stick Shift” McGurk, Madame Marauder has gotten him out of jams both financially and forcefully utilizing her small army of bodyguards and henchmen. This group of folks also helps her run her Saloon/Brothel and take care of any “problems” that may arise along the way (mostly drunk and rowdy patrons). Note: It just hit me that we could play around with her name a bit. What about Mad M. Marauder or Mad’M Marauder? Leave a comment and tell me what you think!


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