Webcomic Update: Stick Shift, 8/28/08

Cruising right along. Here is the next installment of Stick Shift the Webcomic! When we last saw Stick and the gang they were having some fun by hiding in plain site. Is it working out?

Chapter 1-2c

Stick Shift the Webcomic: Chapter 1-2c

Yes indeed today’s update has a naughty word. Another reminder that Stick Shift is intended for Mature Readers. So anyway, Maxmillain is just a little bit pissed off to find out Stick is not only arrogant enough to not hide out but to do so in Max’s own casino basically pops his head gasket.

It’s nice making multiple updates but the pacing seems a little off to me. I have other comics I could be posting, so I may go back to full page updates with Stick Shift and start updating on a different day with some other stuff. One thing I’ve been having fun with is a little Moleskine and making single panel slice-of-life comics. Perhaps after another week of backlog in my pocket (literally) I’ll start to post those too. Why not right? They are comics and I’m the one making em. It’s possible they would even make a good sketchbook style mini-comic… hmmm. Very interesting. –SPC \m/


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