It’s Wednesday and here is another Stick Shift Webcomic for ya!

Stick Shift Prologue, Page 3

Stick Shift Prologue, Page 3

Had to get to work at the crack of dawn so here is an afternoon post.

Comics comics comics – the entertainment world is on fire with comics. Batman seems to be kicking all kinds of tail and ZOMG, that Watchman trailer is freaking, insanely cool!! It looks like they are really going to pull it off. Not for nothing the Smashing Pumpkins are back on the map again too I’m guessing. I heard Adam Hughes, on Big Fanboy the other day, talking about watching the Dark Knight over the weekend and what a cool thing it was to be a comic book fan, seeing a Watchmen trailer  right before a record smashing new Batman flick.  Good times indeed. I’m looking forward to The Spirit too, no matter what folks say. The Spirit was one of my first “semi-adult” comics and I can remember it well reading a few old Eisner issues on my bedroom floor with my brother back when I was about 8 or 9. Good times… –SPC


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