Meet Blast Asteroid, a Cook Bros. Comics Webcomic

Let’s hop into the way back machine (circa July, 2003) and meet one of our favorite comic characters, Blast Asteroid!

Blast Asteroid - Final Character Comp



Welcome to life in the Space Patrol, your light speed ticket to laughter! BLAST is like nothing you haven’t seen a million times already, a rollicking romp through the surefire chick magnet tag team of science fiction movies and comics books, but with a witty, satirical spin that turns the whole dad-blamed thing right on it’s ear! IT’S WACKY! ZANY TOO!


It was from this day forward that we knew we struck gold (at least in our minds) and went nuts with scripts, comics, ideas and everything in between. Blast Asteroid and the Space Patrol is one of our greatest collaborations and I am proud to bring him back to life here on WordPress. Look for Blast Asteroid webcomics every Friday, starting today. In Just two weeks we’ll be celebrating the sixth anniversary of Blast Asteroid!! Freaking hard to believe actually. Maybe I’ll have to draw something special for the occasion. –SPC


Blast Asteroid in: A Night on the Town


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We're two brothers making comics!

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