Funday Friday!

Second Life band Friendly fires rocks the Beach Bum!

So I’m getting used to this daily blog thing and missed out on a post yesterday. Oh well right? Well this is pretty cool, here. Casey’s been a little busy getting interviews all over the internet with his killer virtual band Friendly Fire!! You need a little proof? Here’s a new gem that can be found over on Massively a daily news website about MMOs. Go check it out!

For webcomics news I have pencils complete and will be scanning today so I can start inking the latest Stick Shift on my Wacom. Some time over the weekend I’ll figure out once and for all the best way to begin posting past comics for Blast Asteroid and Stick Shift but I gotta work all day Saturday. I’ll just have to find some time right?

Time to grab the ol’ iPod that has a fresh batch of podcasts for my day today and head out the door! If you are curious what I listen to just look over there on our list of podcast links for the best of the best. –SPC


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